Inner Peace and Anxiety

Today, I would like to talk about the relationship between inner peace and anxiety, anger and other negative emotions.

Here is an empty glass, we fill it with water. That's the state when we were born, pure and transparent, free from contamination.

As we grow up, we receive all sorts of information, like the sand in my hand. We add it to the glass and mix it with the water. Now we can see that the water is opaque. As more and more sand is added, the water gets cloudier and cloudier. Eventually, it turns into a glass of muddy water.

This glass of muddy water gives us very uncomfortable feelings, right? This glass of dirty water makes us feel very uncomfortable. This is us now, our life is mixed with too many unclean things we cannot see. But we can feel the discomfort and this discomfort turns into anxiety, anger and other negative emotions.

When these negative emotions build up, it can lead to some extreme behavior, causing various family and social problems.

Now if I stop shaking the water glass, you can see that the sand is going down, and the water is getting clear again.

That is, when we return to our inner peace. Our anxieties, anger, and other negative emotions, are all gone.

This is the theme for today: the relationship between inner peace and negative emotions.

If you want to know more about how we can get back to our inner peace, I encourage you to come to our next lesson. Thank you. Goodbye.

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