Ma, Long’s Bio

Ma Long was born in Heilongjiang Province, China.  From 1993, during his college years in Beijing, he began to learn Chen Style Taijiquan with Mr. Deng Jie, who was the student of the 9th Chen Taiji descendent, Chen Fa-ke.  In 2003, Ma Long met Ma Laiwang, a well-known traditional Chinese martial art master, and continued to study Chen Style Taijiquan with him since then.  In 2018, with a formal ceremony, he became an official disciple of Master Ma Laiwang.

During his studies with Teacher Deng Jie, Ma Long had already started teaching for the teacher. After coming to the United States in 2006, he began to teach Taijiquan to Americans, and nowadays his students are gradually dispersing throughout America.  In the combined process of teaching while learning, Ma long has accumulated tremendous teaching experience.  His teaching is not limited to the form, but is very individualized to the characteristics of each student, so that each person can form his or her own style according to one’s own personality.

After becoming a disciple and under the devoting guidance of Master Ma Laiwang, Ma Long had more profound understanding of Taijiquan theory and great improvement of Taijiquan practice.  It sets solid theoretical and practical foundations for his future teaching career.

Adhering to the respect for traditional culture, and strictly following Master Ma Laiwang’s instruction on “Returning to the origin of Chinese martial arts” and “Be an unequivocal teacher”, Ma Long determined to be the successor and advocate of Chinese traditional martial arts.  During his teaching, he strives to guide the students to truly understand Taijiquan, enjoy Taijiquan practice, and fully experience the charm of Taijiquan.  At the same time, he helps the students to explore as much as possible the influence of Taiji Yin Yang culture on life beyond Taijichuan practice, and let Taiji become a life attitude.