About Us

Ma Long Martial Arts is a group of Chinese and American Martial Artists focused on preserving traditional and cultural elements of Chinese Martial Arts. We emphasize a distinction between Art Taiji and Combat Taiji based on the curriculum of learning between so called 'frontyard' and 'backyard' students.  Due to this difference in training two basic offshoots have formed.  Neither being superior, as they both have great value and high levels of development.

What we wish to offer is the ability to choose which way you want to focus and, as per Ma, LaiWang's wishes, to share more of what has been called 'backyard' curriculum so it will be more widely developed and understood in the West.


MA, LaiWang is currently in Beijing, China and his disciple MA, Long is in Champaign, IL. Together they are continuing to develop and teach this somewhat unique system both in China and in the West.

For more information you may contact us or read Ma, LaiWang's or Ma, Long's Bio's from the home page.